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Thinking Positive Makes Value Of Crypto Increase


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Cryptocurrency Optimism: Think Positive To Increase Values


In Cryptocurrency, there are always headlines about scams it sems. News of shady stuff travels rapidly across the wires. There is a reason to be optimistic though.  Cryptocurrency users should know that a significant correlation has been found between the price of bitcoin ( and all crypto) and the publlic opinion of crypto.  So we should be boasting on the wins more often- because believe it or not our general outlook on our coins WILL AFFECT THE VALUE. If we all agree on the value of a coin- guess what!  It is then deemed worth that much.

Media outlets have the task of supporting a position that society will likely react well to. 
Perhaps we should react well to good news... just a thought.

Powerful- isn't it?  

Optimism is the way. 

Stay positive friends! 


🦋 █╬ ███ ██▄ █╬█ █╬█ 🦋         
🦋 █╬ █▄█ █╬█ █▄█ █▄█ 🦋
🦋 ██ █╬█ ███ ╬█╬ ╬█╬ 🦋


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FUD spreads like the plague and it is absolutely can effect the price of BTC and all the other coins too. 


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