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My deposit not receive


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I have deposited 500xlm which have not yet entered my account But i had stored it without adding memo


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Don't deposit to this rigged site.


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On 3/8/2020 at 11:38 PM, ForumAss said:

-Red Legion Weekly Challenge- 

-Roulette Win Streak-

- Begins: 03/08/2020 and Ends: 03/15/2020  -  


Ready yourselves Red Legion Warriors! This week’s challenge will be fought on the battlefield of Roulette. Every battle won against Green Army is important. How many battles can you win without losing in the name of the Red Legion?


How To Win:

  • Game, Requirements and Legion Rewards:

    • Roulette 

    • Win consecutively with no losses

    • No minimum bet amount. 

    • No JB coin

    • Players may complete the challenge up to 2 times.

    • Win
      • 10 in a row = 0.00001 BTC

      • 15 in a row = 0.00005 BTC

      • 20 in a row = 0.0001 BTC

Big Bet Bonuses:

  • Bet Amount(or higher):

    • BTC 0.00001000

    • SATS 1000.0000

    • ETH 0.00052000

    • XRP 0.38000000

    • BCH 0.00026000

    • LTC 0.00150000

    • DOGE 30.00000

    • EOS 0.02300000

    • TRX 5.00000000

    • XLM 1.40000000

    • USDT 0.0800000

    • DAI 0.08000000

    • XMR 0.00136000

    • TRTL 5000

  • Legion Rewards:

    • 10 in a row = 0.001 BTC

    • 15 in a row = 0.0015 BTC

    • 20 in a row = 0.004 BTC



  • Only bets that were made after the date and time of this announcement will be counted

  • Entering from multiple accounts will lead to a ban from all future challenges

  • Do not change your BC.Game Username or Forum Username while the challenge is running 

  • Level 0 may participate but you must have a content count of 5 or higher in the BC.Game forum

  • Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. 

  • Do not quote anything on this Topic thread 





How to Enter:

Reply to this topic only. Do not create a new topic thread. 

Do Not Quote anything on this Topic thread


  • Reply Using: 

    • Your qualifying Game ID(s)

    • A Screenshot of your bet history showing the win(s)

    • BC.Game username. 

    • If you win more than once during this event, EDIT your first Comment to add the new win information. Do not create more than one Comment in this Topic.

    • If you can’t edit your Comment because of your browser or mobile then create a new comment then ask me to delete the first comment.

    • Please make sure screenshots are not blurry


Good Luck My Red Legion Warriors! The Green Army Will Perish!


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