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I was wondering/need some help


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Because the support live is a true hell for me after getting some rude answers that where answers like from a script and now i was waiting 3 times more than 1 h, 

so why don't i give a try here with help from players.

More than 9 month  i get everyday locked bcd on the lucky win spin , this started after the first update they had here. In the summer soccer promo  everybody did get unlocked so these 10 days not calculated.

Also at the same time  after that update i get always captcha with coindrops . The years and month before i could catch a coindrop , so this 1 year  no coindrops bonus i can get.

I made contact with those who are the owners of captcha and they said i have to ask it to help support on bc ...... i cant log off my vpn or i get disconnected , i tried different vpn , different browsers ...        

So never get a bonus on the wheel , never catch a coindrop for a year and now they change the rakeback in the already existing unlocking bcd quest. I feel very frustrated

because they always give me an answer on that with , * you wager not enough and be more active..  ....

I am always active in the chat almost every day , i post in forums i do challenges , telegram , twitter , facebook....  and i depo as much as i can here on bc.  +- $20 every week 

so  what am i doing wrong ? those wagers are really high , if they give a shitlink i get the pop up '= not wagered enough this week. so another bonus i cant claim. 

They changes so many  small things everytime but those small changes have a big impact on me as a low bet player , it's almost not possible to level up even that's not my goal my goal , is getting a big profit and withdraw it and having fun . but the fun is almost totally gone for me. 

I never had in all those years i gamble so many tech issues or errors as on this site and even then they give a bonus  but i didn't wager enough so no bonus. 

even I deposited and i get  tech issues errors offline faults  while i am playing at the best crypto casino of the year you get the answer  , we give a bonus   but you don't  can get it because your wager is 2 low?? is this a social fair respectful platform ? they treat  me like a sheep , no respect at that point.

I stay  here on bc for the chat , the community but if i compare with the other casino s where i play on , no crypto, this site is one big fiasco. I can withdraw almost every week on those other sites but they have that small detail  the chat not include it. 

If i write down all the things from 2018 till now , how less fair and fun this place is become ... you would be surprised.  but the highest levels  are stuck and have to stay in here after putting all those money and time in it .  I'm deviating ...... 

  i play since 2018  here from the just home games only till now  and  this is my second account after they introduced 2fa  .

So I am wondering what keeps you here on bc ?

grtz NooT

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well you can actually make money here for one. I have had months where i was able to withdraw 100-200 a day all month long. and several days where i made over 1k in a day. And i am by far a small fish. The day i pulled out 2k i wagered 70k in just a few hours. And that still makes me very tiny compared to the big guys on the site. 

But also think of it this way, if you were running your own business, would you focus on the customer making you a little bit of money, or on the won who makes you a ton of money.

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Which casino?

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