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guess the mod


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Hello it's time for a game  @digitaldash   was kind enough to donate btc  for  some games . This game  is called guess the mod .. you will have to follow all the rules of the game , one mess up and you are out of the game , when the game has started i will post five sentences referring to a mod you have to guess which mod for each sentences . warning the   sentences  are weird lol . 
rule #1 can not ask a mod any question about the game .
rule #2 you have to post your answer on here ,you can not post commenting on some one else post. this is what the your answers have to look like

Mod #1 your answer ( don't write the  words your answer you will be out)

Mod #2

Mod #3

Mod #4

mod #5

rule #3 each answer has to start with a capital and end with a period     

the game will start @ 8:30 eastern time  on 6/15/2020 ,you will have five minutes to finish from the time i post the sentences .   
if you get all five correct and follow all rules you will win  0.001 BTC,
if no one wins then a different game will be played  on 6/20/2020  for 0.0015 BTC. good luck and have fun!

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Nice lilley

          😊PEACE & LOVE😊

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